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Jimmy is well known as the Former DIRECTOR OF SECURITY at WWF and WWE.

Whatever he does: Customer Service and Client Relations are the NUMBER ONE Priority……..after SAFETY AND SECURITY, of course!

Touring WORLDWIDE, you will find the mind and muscle of Noonan and Twelve Step GLOBAL Security at work. His presence is highly visible, while other times working below the radar. But he is always on top of the action – maintaining control, preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas, protecting celebrities, travel, logistics and carrying out every detail of the security plan.

Jimmy is a “High-Performance” individual who has attained all goals and exceeded all expectations in life, from being a collegiate athlete to a Teamsters #560 Trucker at 21 yrs, a Parent at an early age, a very successful Personal Trainer after that, the Broadway Stage in the early 90’s and Hollywood Character Actor later on, to the top of the Security and Executive Protection Industry now.

Early 2012 saw Jimmy develop the world’s first and only security company that specializes in all aspects of sobriety and addiction services. What that means: He can provide the two-fold service of protecting the client while addressing the addiction by getting them to “meetings” if so desired, helping them keep their busy schedules and commitments, stay with them and participate in the recovery process, and safely get them home to their families. We will travel with the client and make sure the client is accountable. “Safety, Security, Anonymity”

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Jimmy Noonan
2016-12-21 09:31:22
Further information about my services can be found at: http://straight12security.com Thank You!
Jimmy Noonan
2016-07-28 17:35:04

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