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California City Resources for Rehab & Sober Living Centers and Therapists

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    Jimmy Noonan


    36.778261 , -119.41793239999998

    Jimmy is well known as the Former DIRECTOR OF SECURITY at WWF and WWE. Whatever he does: Customer Service and Client Relations are the NUMBER ONE Priority……..after SAFETY AND SECURITY, of course! Touring WORLDWIDE, you will find the mind and muscle of Noonan and Twelve Step GLOBAL Security at work. His presence is highly visible, […]

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    Tommy O


    La Jolla, CA

    32.8328112 , -117.2712717

    Over the next several years things only get worse as Tommy’s life spirals out of control. It would only be the unconditional & selfless love a woman named Mrs. Lombardi that ends up saving Tommy’s life. She gets him into treatment. Tommy is cleansed out & heals. The obsession has been lifted but the work […]