How to Avoid a Relapse during the Holidays

How the Holiday Season Affects Your Sobriety

The holiday season is now upon us and with it comes many invitations to holiday parties. It is difficult to maintain your sobriety around those who drinking. The holiday season is stressful and many recovering addicts seek out a substance as a coping mechanism. Rather than let your hard work be for naught, seek out alternatives to cope and reduce the stress of the season.

Make a Plan

As with any change in your life, you must take it one day at a time. Every morning you will need to wake up and re-establish your resolve to stay sober. Come up with a plan for that day about how you will stay focused on your sobriety.

Before you head into a party or any stressful situation, assess the risk. Rank each as low, medium, or high and determine whether you are far enough in your sobriety to attend. Low-risk situations are great for those early in their sobriety but should avoid medium- or high-risk events.

Another aspect to assessing a situation is knowing your triggers. Understanding what can trigger a relapse will aid in managing them. Most of the time it is extreme emotions that will set off your desire to use such as feeling tired, lonely, angry, or hungry. Be sure to take care of yourself to avoid setting off your triggers.

Liquor is at nearly every single gathering you will attend. Rather than hope that your host will have an appropriate drink for your consumption, bring your own. Sparkling water or apple cider can take the place of champagne. Even if you bring juice or soda, your host will appreciate having extra on-hand.

Sober Coaches

Having a support system that you can rely upon is a key component to maintaining your sobriety all year long. Look to friends, family, support groups, or a sponsor for guidance during this stressful time.

At Sober Assistance , we help you reach a recovery specialist in your area. From substances abuse to eating disorder, we have the assistance you need to cope. Remember, you do not have to go it alone. To find a local resource center, search online using our site.

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